Being in front of the Camera: Tips to Look Your Best!

Goal: Genuine smile, not a fake one

Hopefully the photographer is helping you feel relaxed and comfortable, that will help a lot.

Think of a happy, joyful memory you have that you can’t help but smile when you think of that person, place, or event. In place of “Say Cheese!”, think of that happy memory instead. You’re trying to make your eyes smile, not just your mouth! 😀


Goal: Look relaxed and natural, not stiff and bored

Bend your knees, elbows, wrists slightly
Put your weight on one foot and relax, don’t stand up straight with perfect posture


Goal: Draw attention to your face/personality, not stand out in an unflattering way

Clothing/Hair/Makeup Recommendations and explanations:

  • Solid colored clothing – focus on your face and you don’t stand out from the rest of the group
  • Muted/subdued tones – so that you are the subject, not your clothes (bright colors make you look larger and stand out)
  • Similar tones for top and bottom (both dark or both light) – white top/dark pants will make your top look bigger and dark top, white pants will make your bottom look bigger
  • Choose 1-3 colors for group portraits (examples: dark green, navy, burgundy or tan, lighter olive green, light denim) – make the people stand out and not the clothes
  • Tops with sleeves at least to the elbow (or a jacket) – will draw attention to your arms and away from your face, also makes your arms look larger
  • Long pants or skirt/dress to knee length or longer – will draw attention to your legs and away from your face, also makes it easier to move/bend for posing
  • Dark socks and footwear (except for barefoot beach photos) – white sticks out and will be all you notice in the photo
  • Jewelry should be simple and minimalistic – will draw attention away from your face
  • Match your hairstyle and makeup with the style of clothing (casual vs formal) – makes your portrait more timeless and matches who you are as a person, not just a picture of what you look like at the time

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